MAcy Street Park + Grenham Playground

Quincy, massachusetts

Grenham Playground at Macy Street Park is intended to provide a multi-generational gathering space for the community of Houghs Neck in Quincy, Massachusetts.

A curving fence integrated with seating encloses a protected space that includes play features for young children, as well as fitness equipment for adult caregivers. The open lawn area will support passive recreation and ball play, while a shaded picnic area serves as a social space for families.

Sustainability and low maintenance are emphasized throughout the site. Xeriscape planting will include shade trees, flowering shrubs, evergreen screening plants, and perennials and textured grasses. Under development are options for lighting that will rely on renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, to keep the park safely lit into the evening hours.

Unique to the park is the role of community participation in the design and construction. The hybrid fence-bench feature will be constructed partly through the efforts of community youth.