Detroit Future City

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan

Project Designer: Stoss
Scott Bishop as Associate Principal, Project Manager and Designer  

Carlisle Wortmann Associates, Inc. (Zoning)

Center For Community Progress (Public Land)

Detroit Collaborative Design Center (Community Engagement)

Hamilton Anderson Associates (Planning, Urban Design)

Happold Consulting (Infrastructure)
Initiative For Competitive Inner City (ICIC) (Economics)

Interface Studio (Economics / Industrial Land)

Michigan Community Resources (Community Engagement)

Toni L. Griffin, Urban Planning and Design for the American City (Lead, Planning)


While at Stoss, Bishop worked as Associate Principal, Project Manager, and Designer to create and complete the publication of Detroit Future City. Working in collaboration with the Detroit Works Project, the strategic framework is representative of the vision for Detroit's future. It was created with the intention to provide a decision-making framework to determine how best to address large number of vacancies, reduced public services, and the need to adapt the landscape of Detroit to serve the communities that comprise it. The intersection of social, economic, and ecological systems is evident throughout Detroit's landscape and is addressed through the creation of multi-purpose and productive solutions. 

Implementation strategies include identifying vacant land parcels and existing landscape typologies and formulating a decision support matrix to determine their potential futures. The designs incorporate blue + green infrastructural networks,  newly developed land-use typologies, and ways in which they work in conjunction with one another. 

Work focused on mapping existing conditions in order to understand how to transform the existing landscapes into productive spaces that better serve the city and its residents, as well as contribute to the economic, social, and ecological well-being of the city.  

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