GR Forward

Grand Rapids, Michigan

While at Stoss Bishop served as Associate Principal, Project Manager, and Designer for The River Corridor portion of the GR Forward Plan. GR Forward addresses opportunities to not only reconnect Downtown and the Grand River physically, through the establishment of environmental and cultural corridors, but also to reinvigorate relationships between people and their city's namesake through effective programming. Additionally, the plan emphasizes that both Downtown and the River must be accessible and welcoming to all Grand Rapidians. To accomplish this the design of the river infrastructure is reconsidered to become multifarious and to blend art, education, infrastructure and ecology.  Along the river, the plan outlines a series of opportunity sites that will re-focus the City to its heart and create a new park system. A trail system on both east and west sides of the river makes Grand Rapids the hub of a regional trail system and spurs transformative development.

BLD is continuing to work with the City and DGRI to further develop the project from concept through construction.

For more information on this project, please visit these links to the GR Forward Final Community Plan and Investment Strategy: