The CityDeck

Green Bay, Wisconsin 

Fox Riverfront, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Project Designer: Stoss
Scott Bishop as Associate Principal, Project Manager and Designer  

Clark Dietz
Graef Anhalt and Schloemer and Associates
Light Th!s
Pine & Swallow Environmental
STS Consultants
Vetter Denk Architects
W.F. Baird & Associates


The CityDeck is a critical part of the redevelopment of Green Bay's Fox Riverfront.  The re-design increases access to the waterfront by eliminating and/or manipulating previous conditions such as vacant spaces, parking lots, and the existing river bulkhead walls.  By altering these conditions, CityDeck creates an environment whereby the city and its residents can reconnect with the river through civic opportunities such as social gatherings, dining opportunities, extended retail space, and various other informal and formal programming.  The elevation changes present within the landscape also contribute to the numerous and varied interactions facilitated by the newly implemented connection with the riverfront. The project is also designed to accommodate for a 100-year flood event.  

CityDeck not only serves as a catalyst for new mixed-used developments that will reinvigorate Green Bay's Downtown, but it also contributes to extending the life of adjacent buildings into the new riverfront space.