Scott Bishop, Principal

Scott Bishop is the Founding Principal of Bishop Land Design BLD, a registered landscape architect and a human ecologist. He works around the world and designs within a variety of environments and ecologies including Eastern Africa, the Middle East, North America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

Scott is currently the Professor of the Practice in the Urban Landscape and Sustainable Urban Environments programs in the School of Architecture at Northeastern University. He was recently Visiting Critic at Syracuse University, the Cejas Eminent Scholar at Florida International University and a visiting critic at the University of Puerto Rico. He has also taught at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design as a studio critic for the Department of Landscape Architecture, and he directed the Stoss Studio for the Sasaki Distinguished Visiting Critic Award at the Boston Architectural College.

During his decade of leadership at Stoss, the firm earned the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Landscape Architecture. Scott holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic.

Wileen Kao, Associate Principal

Wileen Kao is the Associate Principal at Bishop Land Design BLD. She is a registered landscape architect who has led the design of transformative open spaces, landscapes and urban infrastructure in the United States, Middle East and Asia. 

Wileen is committed to engaging the landscape from a creative perspective that engages thoughtful analysis, planning and articulation of the built environment. Engaging the intersections between landscape architecture and art, she has served as Advisor and Juror for Creative City, an artist grant program led by the New England Foundation for the Arts and the Barr Foundation.

Wileen teaches at the graduate level in the Urban Landscape program at Northeastern University, leading studio and visualization courses. She holds a BA in Economics, Media, Arts and Sciences from Wellesley College and an MLA from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. 

Massoud Bagheri, Designer                       

Massoud Bagheri is a designer at Bishop Land Design BLD. His interdisciplinary approach to design melds his background as an architectural designer with the field of urban design and planning. In his research and studio endeavors, he has addressed critical issues relating to resilience and sustainability in the design of the urban landscape.

Massoud is a graduate of Northeastern University with a Master of Design in Sustainable Urban Environments. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering from the Azad University of South Tehran (IAU). 

Michael Sadler, Project Manager

Michael Sadler is a project manager at BLD. He is adamant about the connection between rigorous research methods and successful spatial design. His underpinning in the social sciences and experience in construction mix with his career in landscape architecture to shape the way he integrates user groups, open space design, and final fabrication of built forms.

Michael holds an MLA from Boston Architectural College and graduated Elon University with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. 


Maya Libiszowski, Designer 

Maya Libiszowski is a designer at Bishop Land Design BLD. Her generative designs explore innovative ways of integrating social and ecological systems such as restoring hindered fire ecologies in urban settings and rethinking snow management. Maya comes from an international background, living and working abroad across multiple continents. Her approach is grounded in a commitment to sustainability and enhanced human experience.

Maya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Northeastern University with a Minor in Sociology.